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St Catherine’s Academic Review (SCAR) is a student led, interdisciplinary journal publishing book reviews, research articles, and essays in the mathematical, physical, and life sciences (MPLS), social science, and humanities.

Our aim is to highlight the academic excellence and innovation available from the members of St Catherine’s College, and share it on an open access, peer reviewed platform. As such, all our published articles are freely available online, and articles are published continually as they are reviewed and accepted.

For members or alumni of St Catz interested in publishing an article with us, please see our guidelines page for more details or submit an abstract below.


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Social Sciences
Extended Abstract of a Realist Review that Seeks to Understand the Role of the Paramedic in Primary Care
by Georgette Eaton; pp. 3-8; PDF

Generations in Crisis: Unravelling Syrian Refugee Education in Lebanon
by Jeyda Simren Sekhon Atac, Charlotte Notaras, Dhruv Gupta and Sophie Sikina; pp. 9-28; PDF

Narratives of Image: Views of Ceylon, Veins of Influence
by Shalini Amerasinghe Ganendra; pp. 31-42; PDF

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences
Convergence Rates for Nearest Neighbour Regression in Infinite Dimensions
by Peter Koepernik; pp. 45-63; PDF

White Matter Hyperintensities: Red Flags for Cognitive Impairment?
by Grace Gillis; pp. 64-83; PDF

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
by Toma-Jin Morikawa-Fouquet, James Bowen and Rafael Hunt-Stokes; pp. 87-92; PDF

Status: Coming Soon

Call for Papers

We are now accepting submissions from members of St. Catherine's College for articles from any academic discipline to be published in our second issue. Articles should be original research or shortened versions of already-published works (extended abstracts) are welcome. The deadline for submissions is Sunday 24 March 2024. Papers must be formatted according to the style guide of the relevant section. They must be no longer than 15 pages including references. Papers will be evaluated by the relevant section editors.

In the case of extended abstracts and secondary publications, it will be the author’s responsibility to ensure that they hold the rights to re-publish their work in SCAR. Similarly, the author will be entirely responsible for their adherence to ethical and editorial guidelines.

Up to five papers will be accepted per section and authors will be notified no later than Sunday 21 April 2024. Should a submission be accepted, an open peer review process will commence. The author will be allowed to suggest up to three peer-reviewers, and asked to submit a statement disclosing any conflict of interest. In the case that a submission is not accepted, authors are welcome to re-submit in the following year. Only one single-authored article can be submitted per author.

Please keep in mind that the acceptance of a paper does not guarantee that it will be published. A paper’s publication is contingent on the outcome of the peer review process. Should the outcome be positive, authors will be given until Saturday 19 October 2024, to implement any suggested changes and submit a final version of their work. Papers will then move to the copy-editing and production stage. We expect to publish the second issue of SCAR by Saturday 7 December 2024.

General Guidelines for Authors

SCAR accepts articles from both current members and alumni of the college (for multi-author papers, only one of the authors must have a connection with the college). Each section follows a different style for references and grammar.


For articles belonging to the MPLS (Mathematical, Physical, and Life Sciences) section, authors are asked to follow the Numerical style. For any enquiries, send us an email.

Social Sciences

For articles belonging to the Social Sciences section, authors are asked to follow the APA style. For any enquiries, send us an email.


For articles belonging to the Humanities section, authors are asked to follow the MLA style. For any enquiries, send us an email.

Book Reviews

As book reviews are not expected to be references-heavy, no specific style is required. Please note that there is a separate MS Word template for book reviews. For any enquiries, send us an email.

We strongly prefer that articles be sent in LaTeX format. However, we also provide an MS Word template. Both templates can be found below. Articles should not exceed 15 pages including references. If your article includes any kind of tables, they should be created in editable form within the file and not included as image files. If your article features pictures, you should both include them within the file and send the files separately to your assigned editor. We also ask you to use the UK standard spelling.

Get Involved

Interested in joining SCAR? There are various ways to get involved, including editing, copy editing, or peer reviewing. See the list of open positions below and click to apply.

Editorial Board

We're looking for full-time editors and copy editors in all sections. If you're interested in joining our editorial board, click on the link below to apply. These positions are only open to current Catz members.

Peer Reviewer

We're looking for peer-reviewers If you enjoy reading and critiquing original research, sign up to be a peer reviewer. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your research areas and we'll put you on our list! Open to everyone.

Guest Editor

Interested in editing but worried about commitment? We need guest editors too. Tell us your area(s) of expertise and we'll get in touch if we find a match! Open to current students and alumni.

Committee Member

SCAR is more than just the editorial board. We're currently looking for an IT Officer and an Events/PR Officer. Click on the link below to apply. These positions are only open to current Catz members.

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